Top 5 Must-Have Spices And Herbs For A Health Nutrition

One of the things that bring food to life is the addition of herbs and spices to our nutritional diet. Every cook needs a well-stocked pantry, regardless of their expertise. Here we are discussing the most common used herbs, and spices which are a must have for every pantry.Health Nutrition

List of must have spices and herbs for every pantry


This is a globally known spice that is loved by cooks all over the world. Garlic has long been praised for its medicinal value and culinary qualities. Garlic is used in numerous recipes and appears widely in cuisines of India, Italy, Mexico, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Orient and much more. Fresh garlic is the most commonly used but in other times, garlic powder is an accepted substitute in blended dips.


The menthol flavor and fresh scent of spearmint and peppermint are delightful and very popular among herbs and spices for every kitchen. In Indian cuisines, mint is used in chutney to add a stimulating aroma. The fresh mint is also a preferred ingredient in the Middle Eastern tabouli.


GingerThis is an underground rhizome-like root of a tropical plant. It is very common in most kitchens owing to its hot-sweet and fragrant spice. It is mostly utilized in baked foods, apple desserts, and winter-squash or sweet-potato dishes.


This is a slender evergreen shrub that is well-known for its strong, piney flavor that is overwhelming. This shrub is used to season chicken, lamb, and stuffing. For vegetarian, rosemary can be used to flavor tomato sauces or soups and vegetable stew.

Chili powder

This is a blend of spices with ground red chili pepper. The common elements of this mix include cumin, garlic, and oregano and sometimes salt and other seasonings. Chili powder can be used to flavor for soups. It is also a nice addition in some Oriental sauces such as sesame or peanut sauces.

Tips on how to buy, store and use herbs and spices

herbWhen purchasing herbs and spices, ensure that you buy the right quantity as some of the spices if they stay for long will start losing their flavor. Always make sure that you keep them in a dry place far away from heat. When using dried spices, always introduce them when you start the cooking process so that they can develop the flavor. But for fresh herbs, add them in the middle or end of the cooking process so that you can retain their aroma.